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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy for some of you will be a 'breeze' with little or no nausea and vomiting and only mild, if any aches and pains. Some of you may not notice much in the way of mental tension.  However for others you may find that you may feel 'unwell', tired, cranky, ache all over, find difficulty getting comfortable and/or getting to sleep. Regardless of how your pregnancy may or may not be affecting you pregnancy massage can enhance your pregnancy experience enabling you to embrace your pregnancy, feel connected to your growing baby and feel empowered.


Pregnancy body massage                                                                                               
                               1 hour (body only) or 1hour 30 minutes (including face+scalp)  
You have a choice of three cold pressed Aromatherapy Associates oil blends to choose from that are specially formulated for pregnancy massage. This treatment supports and nurtures you whist your body is going through constant change. This massage focuses on relieving tension and stress, eases back discomfort and improves circulation. Oils are blended to nourish the skin and can help to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy. The time and space that you allow for this massage will enable you to switch off from the world, embrace your pregnancy, appreciate your femininity and promote bonding with your child even before baby is born. This treatment will only be carried out from 14 weeks gestation onwards.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

  • Odema and Varicose veins can benefit from the draining effects of massage by helping to reduce swelling and promote better circulation of blood.
  • The increased circulation from massage can increase your red blood cell count-beneficial for those of you with low iron (anaemia) so you will feel less fatigued and light headed
  • The lymphatic system circulates faster and more efficiently, removing toxins and waste products from your body so you'll feel more energised.
  • Hormonal levels become more stabilised and the side effects of pregnancy can be less severe (i.e. the tierdness, emotional lows etc).
  • Muscle spasms and knots due to a heavy uterus are easily released.
  • If you're feeling uptight/anxious massage sedates your nervous system so you (and baby) are more relaxed in mind.
  • Strain caused from your growing baby can cause lower back, shoulder, symphisis pubis (pubic area), and abdominal discomfort but massage can give your body the restorative break it needs particularly as your pregnancy advances.
  • You get to get some 'me time' and a treatment that allows you to switch off from the world and gain a stronger connection with your growing baby.
  • Jennifer can also advise you with professional and evidence based practical information for a more comfortable pregnancy including diet, breast care if you require. Safe exercises are also included in this treatment for you to practice to alleviate your day to day aches and pains as your baby grows. These exercises encourage your body to be at its optimum during pregnancy and childbirth. 

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