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Infant Massage

My role here is of a parent educator qualified to teach parents how to massage their infants using positive touch. Positive touch (massage) promotes a strong foundation of respect and love through non-verbal communication and interaction with your infant.

When you were pregnant your baby was surrounded and constantly touched in a warm and cosy environment (amniotic fluid) from conception up until their birth. They only knew of the safe place (your womb) where s/he heard your heart beating and heard your voice. It would stand to reason that your infant actually NEEDS your touch and interaction as they now transition from the safe world they once knew to the outside world that adults have become familiar with in order to feel safe and secure. 
We are all too aware that there are many books and articles available offering advice on how to be a parent. Some are useful while some are not. Every baby is unique, so what works for one baby may not work for all babies. However you will know by now that there are negotiations that need to take place between you and your infant including feeding (for baby) and sleeping patterns (for you). For example your baby may start life feeding every 2-3 hours so you may think you that s/he may have a 'routine'. And just as you think you’ve understood your infants’ pattern-their feeding demands change in just a matter of days. This can be overwhelming for some parents because sleepless nights equal VERY TIRED parents! Interaction between parents and infants can sometimes become almost mechanical or routine when infants are awake. So for the first few months of life infants may only receive interaction from their parents when they are crying and at bath time. It is quite common for this scenario to continue until baby matures and begins to become developmentally more vocal.
How many times have you smiled at a baby and they smile back at you? How about when you coo or say a word and a baby tries to copy you in their cute baby language. As time goes on you may notice that the infants words begin to develop and before you know it baby begins to repeat a few words you may say, then later on as they develop,  sentences begin to form. It really is amazing what infants are aware of and what they can grasp at such a young age. Now consider what parents and infants could gain from interacting with each other from birth when baby is alert, content and exploring the world around them. This is the best time for parents to talk and interact with their baby because infants are receptive to their environment. Positive touch and interaction with your baby will enhance their development because your physical touch makes them feel safe and secure while the attention you give stimulates them.  This interaction will be a platform and catalyst where you both spend quality time together, with baby familiarising them self with their parents and parents doing likewise. This is yet another powerful and intimate journey you will take together which has positive benefits and lifelong advantages for your family relationships. 
Infant massage classes enable you to understand your infants cues (non verbal communication) so you can respond to their needs (some clients have reported babies crying less), and can make your transition to parenthood smoother. Your confidence in your role as a parent will increase because you will learn how to understand behavioural states from your infant.  Your classes will be facilitated by an experienced and professional Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) but your infant is actually your teacher!
Allow between 4.5-5 hours, and the times/dates can be tailored to your needs for one to one sessions or you can have sessions one day per week over five weeks for group sessions.
All infants aged from birth-12 months are welcome
Benefits of infant massage include:
  • Promotes parent and Infant bonding.
  • Safe for infants with special needs and disabilities.
  • Relaxes parents.
  • Promotes confidence in parent’s physical handling of their infant.
  • Can help to relieve colic, teething and constipation in Infants.
  • Promotes better sleep for infant- and parents too.
  • Can help improve infant’s skin condition.
  • Can help reduce feelings of isolation
  • Aids digestion and eliminates waste products in infants.
  • Can help reduce the risk of post natal depression.
  • Allows a safe and confidential space for parents to share their experiences of parenthood if they wish to do so.
  • Gives parents the opportunity to learn a new skill that benefits the whole family and can be passed down for generations.
  • Safe for infants in N.I.C.U or S.C.B.U.
  • Using massage as a tool for interaction with their infant encouraging an understanding, healthy and loving relationships.
  • Most of all its informative and lots of FUN!
Which type of class would suit you?
One to One classes in the comfort of your own home would be suited to you if you have had a C-section delivery,if you feel the need to build confidence handling your baby, or if you do not feel confident in a group setting.
With respect for diversity and equality in a multicultural society, these classes may also be suited to parents who for religious or cultural reasons do not wish to participate in group sessions.
Price $550
Group Classes of 5 babies per class plus you and your partner who is also welcome to come along and get involved too!  These classes are for parents who enjoy participating in group activity and enjoy meeting other parents and babies.  Parents from parenting groups tend to favour these classes as the 'next step' group activity once babies have been delivered. On the other hand some parents would like to learn new skills to enhance their parenting abilities in a group setting and simply enjoy being part of a group sharing and growing in a safe space. This group setting also enables you to network with other parents. 
Price $400
Prices are quoted in Barbados dollars.

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